How to Find a Walmart Auto Center for Car Maintenance

auto repairYou might have a reputable automotive shop which you regularly visit for your car maintenance like oil changes, tire replacement and other routine works. If you do not have a regular shop, you can ask your friends, coworkers and family whom they trust and rely on. Recommendations from them must be held in high esteem, as a local auto repair shop, which has earned the trust of your friends and family, will work hard and sincerely to make you their customer for life.

Discuss with the store manager to get the best deal

If you have any engine problem with your car, you will have to first check your warranty to see if the manufacturer is covering the issue. At the time of bringing your vehicle to a shop such as the walmart auto center, you will have to ask if the automotive store guarantees their work if the issue is not properly fixed or if it strikes back within a short span of time. The manager of automotive shop will discuss the policies of the shop as well as provide you with a guarantee on the work to be done on your car.

Get an estimate

Make sure you inquire about the kind of parts the automotive store will use on your vehicle. Are they branded, quality ones or generic, cheap items? Ensure the auto repair shop uses only high quality parts on your car. You will anyways be charged labor fees, thus be certain the parts they replace on your car are branded and good quality products. Before performing any service on your car, ensure to ask for the estimate. Agree on a rate and ask the mechanic to outline specifically all the work that has to be performed. A good walmart auto center will alert you of any extra issues which come up during the repair and were not noticed in the beginning.



Basic Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

oil changeOwning a car sounds great because it gives us comfort, joy and convenience but then owning one means a lot of responsibilities. A car owner ought to know how to take care of their car starting from basic maintenance to troubleshooting. They must know how to maintain their car so that it always remains in good condition and also last for a longer time. The following are some basic car maintenance tips which car owners should follow as well as practice:

1) Check engine oil – The most important thing you must consider before riding your car is the engine oil. The engine consists of a lot of moving parts that need lubrication so as to protect them from wearing off.

2) Check engine coolant level – Check your coolant level to avoid high temperature problem which may lead to overheating of the engine.

3) Ensure tires and electrical system are in good condition – See that all important lights such as head light, park light and signal light are functioning well. This must be done to avoid car accidents and to prevent additional damage to your vehicle. Checking the tires is important before going on a trip.

4) Check brake system and battery – The battery life of a car usually depends upon how often the owner uses the vehicle and on the road he or she travels. Make sure you change your battery as soon as it is necessary to avoid great damage to the engine. You must also check your brake system and ensure that your brake fluid is sufficient and that your brakes are functioning well so as to avoid any accidents.

5) Car Detailing – You also want to be sure to keep the exterior of your car looking good.  If you neglect to do this, you may have to repaint your car at some point.  Although plenty of auto shops like Maaco offer painting services, you should always check Maaco prices beforehand.  It can be quite costly and can be avoided with regular maintenance.

These simple tips must be done to make sure that your car will last longer and that road accidents are avoided. Follow the above mentioned tips and for sure you will enjoy the advantages you get for owning a well-maintained car.


Avoid Costly Automotive Repair with Routine Car Maintenance

vehicle check listRegularly doing scheduled car maintenance like oil changes, tune-ups and filter changes can keep your car performing efficiently and getting maximum fuel efficiency. Car maintenance is very important to keep your car in good working condition. Regular car maintenance will not only allow your vehicle to last longer, but it will also save you lot of money. Many aspects of car maintenance can be done on your own, without the help of any mechanic.

How to take good care of your car?

Changing your car oil, air filter and oil filter on your own is a good way to save money. Ensuring your tires are properly inflated will not only keep your car safe, but will also make your car more fuel-efficient. Then comes brakes; keeping them up to date as well as changing them regularly makes you safer. Car maintenance includes a variety of other things, like a car wash. Your car paint is susceptible to erosion, so to enhance its beauty you should do touch up once in a while.

Why take the car to a mechanic for maintenance?

Taking the car to a mechanic or an auto repair shop is still important and must be done because there are some things that only a mechanic can do such as checking the engine, tire aligning etc. Overall, maintenance of car is extremely worthwhile as it will help your vehicle make it as long as you want it to go.  For basic maintenance like oil changes, jiffy lube prices are really affordable as well as many other auto service centers.  With affordable prices, it is much easier to take your car into a shop than do things yourself.

Top Car Maintenance Services for Extending Your Car’s Life

1) Change the Filter and Oil

2) Change Air Filters and Cabin Filters

3) Replace Spark Plugs

4) Flush Cooling System

5) Tire Maintenance

6) Change Transmission Fluid

7) Maintain Brakes

8) Change Fuel Filter as well as Fuel Injection Service

9) Replace Timing Belt

10) Perform Complete Car Inspection Annually

Having your car inspected periodically extends the life of major components of your car by diagnosing problems before they become major issues.